Here is a small sample of the many testimonials we've received from traders who have successfully applied our education to their trading.

"I took the Swing Trading College R3 trade on ECH05 (1 Cak.) With a result of +141 points ($1762.50). I was in at 1.3108 yesterday and out at 1.3249 today. Before taking your course, on the same trade, I probably would have bailed when I was up a few hundred dollars. I am impressed with your teaching, and the amout of research that has gone into checking the strategies."
Bob Colwell

"...My expectations were exceeded within the first hour of the course. Great, great course!!! Thank you! Kevin Haggerty's 1,2,3 module is equally effective for the day trader, swing trader or investor, i.e., you can pick your time frame. It allows you to position yourself shortly after a market turns (and before it becomes obvious) with a very defined risk. Money management rules are clearly defined, yet flexible. If there is a Holy Grail for picking bottoms/tops, this is it..."
Dr. Bruce W. Roman

"This Alvarez Factor is great. I am using it in plain vanilla form and also adding any stock that Laps 5% or more regardless of the other rules -- today was a very good day with LPX, MUR, USG and FDRY -- almost paid for the software in 3 days!!"
Thanks, John Holmes

"...If you only buy one trading tool for the rest of your life, make sure it is one of Kevin Haggerty's absolutely brilliant training modules. Any one of them -- I own them all -- will give you true professional training. And they are crystal clear, and easy to use. In my view there are only two sure ways to become a professional trader. One is to go work on a Wall Street trading desk. The other is to buy, borrow or steal one of Kevin Haggerty's absolutely brilliant training modules. Either way offers an amateur everything needed to become a true pro..."
Joel Reingold, former Washington correspondent for TIME Magazine

"...This ranks as the best seminar I have taken because it was comprehensive in format.
From the proverbial 'soup to nuts', Larry Connors and his staff went through every aspect of the trading methodology, from finding trade candidates to how to trade and manage those positions to keeping the
mental attitude and toughness to be consistent. I have attended many other (very good) seminars,
but no other one was this thorough..."
Wilson Chou

"...Nice call on the index shares Wednesday. I got half the move. Paid for your book 50 times over I have found your book to be a "Trading Jewel" Thanks so much!"
Mike Doran Sierra Capital

"...In particular, one idea, a simple filter for avoiding taking positions in oversold and overbought markets that Larry Connors discloses, was worth twice the price of the seminar to me alone..."
Charles Ackley, CMT

Dear Guys:

I have just completed the greatest two and a half weeks of trading ever! Given my work and travel schedule, it took me until the middle of June to formalize a trading plan for my swing trading account, and it wasn't until June 22 that I placed my first trade. From that point until yesterday (July 8th), I made 22 trades, 20 of which were winners (90.91%!!!!). Compared to the SPX, which was down .17%, I was up 4.61%. As good as these results are, they are only part of the value I received from your classes.

What I believe to be the greatest value I received is what your training has done for my confidence. I have been grinding at the markets, mostly unprofitably grinding, for over 8 years. So finding a system that I can have confidence in and to help me address my underlying "fear" has been a priority. The trading methods I have learned in Swing Trading College are what I now use to trade a major portion of my portfolio and I do so confidently. Not only did I learn methods, but what you provided in terms of scans and research was phenomenal. Eventhough you taught methods, you really provided an entry to doing my own research and making my own decisions. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

And just because I always wanted to compare my earnings to the cost of the class, I wanted to let you know that I have earned over 75% of the cost of the swing trading tuition. And in 12 days! As we say out west, totally bitchen!!

Thanks guys.
Dore Schwartz CPA

"...If I were left with only one pattern to trade it would be Kevin Haggerty's 1,2,3.
I've memorized it, internalized it, trade it religiously and study it daily. No serious student of the markets can be without this one reversal pattern...and I can back it up with my personal trading record!!"
James M. Edward

I would like to thank you for all this wonderful knowledge and research that you have given us. As a full time professional your system is ideal for those of us who may not be able to sit in front of the computer all day.
Fred Sawyer

"...I recently purchased the Haggerty First-Hour Reversals course and have found it to be the only strategy suitable to my own style. I very seldom ever trade in the afternoon anymore. The volatility needed for a daytrader to profit exists nearly everyday utilizing these methods. Mr. Haggerty goes bar by bar to allow ANYONE to gain the confidence to trade around the most volatile ( and most profitable) part of the trading day. But one had better use these strategies if attempting to trade this time of the day!"
Eric Longberry

Wow!! Wonderful lecture. Filled with so many possibilities. Our horizons have been expanded beyond what I thought was possible.
Isadore Rakofsky

"...As a longer-term position trader, I knew practically nothing about short-term trading.
I now have an 'arsenal' of trading strategies I can use in any time frame to make money. This is sophisticated stuff made simple..."
Randy Rothschild

...The first hour of trading is the most profitable time of trading. It is volatile and the volatility provides the opportunities. The First Hour Reversal Trading of Kevin Haggerty is the must-learn material for day traders. As the result of using his techniques for trading the First Hour Reversals, I am now able to see the opportunities more clearly. I take the trades that coincides with his recommendations more aggressively. I highly recommend this material to all day traders. Good trading..."
Dr. Tony Kiani

"Kevin Haggerty's arrows pierce the heart of trading mentality and methodology."
"...I have read your book 3 times and each time I read it I get a better understanding of why your method seems to work so well yet be so simple. Not only does it capture the very high probability move to the previous high by taking profits on half but also it allows the home run largely on the housesí money. This is really helpful with options because of the large spreads. Congratulations on the best book I have seen and by far the simplest and most effective short-term system I have seen..."
John Hay

"...Kevin Haggerty's 1,2,3 Module been paying for itself at least twice each week during the past 3 months. Way to go, Haggo..."
R.R. Kenner

"...Larry Connors' seminar showed me how to have a comprehensive trading plan that controls risk.
As long as I follow the plan, there won't be any more wild fluctuations in my results.
Also, the discipline and focus I learned will help me in trading and other pursuits.
Thanks for a great seminar!"
Barry Kirby

"Took the CMN trade triggered by the Alvarez Method à up about .70 on a $25 stock, which is pretty cool. This material is great, a wonderful source for new ideas and well worth the price of the course."
Lauren Roberts

"...Kevin Haggerty's training module on 1,2,3s paid for itself in one day after I worked through the material - what more could a student of trading ask? His crystal clear description of this particular price pattern is teamed with coached practice on a generous set of trading simulations. It's an unbeatable combination which makes it immediately possible to identify 1,2,3s in any time frame and capitalize on the price movement that they predict - a useful skill to have up one's sleeve especially later in the trading day when other moves are often difficult to forecast..."
Susan Harvey

"..Kevin Haggerty's 1,2,3 pattern training module is a "must have" for traders of ANY markets.
This pattern shows up frequently on the 5 minute E-mini charts and I find it a very high probability trade. Kevin Haggerty shows the best ways to use it and how to manage the trades too. It also shows up frequently on daily and weekly stock charts..."
Richard Liard

"...I thought you might be interested in one happy student...I am impressed with your teaching...I now have the confidence to remain in a trade and only take the signal generated. Thanks for everything."
John Coogan

"...Your book is a great read. You have a way of making a complicated market LOOK simple (not an easy task)..."
Ron Furden
Furden Capital Management

"...I learned more in two days than I have in the past two years, or three, or four, you name it. Kevin Haggerty absolutely mesmerized a sophisticated, knowledgeable audience of demanding, largely high-net-worth individuals and left us all begging for more. It was amazing. Haggerty received a standing ovation, long and heartfelt. Magnificent. Truly..."
...I could not believe how packed with information Kevin Haggerty's weekend course was. Kevin is a real dynamo. The man eats, breathes and lives the market. He is a veritable wealth of information. Many, many thanks!"
Your teaching and systems are great....as I have said before.... I appreciate it and thank you all at the TradingMarkets Swing Trading College.
Arthur Johannpeter

"...Thank you Mr. Connors. You have helped me preserve my capital and helped me realize that most likely I'm not crazy after all..."
Neal Ware

"...I have all three of Kevin Haggerty's CD-ROM trading modules and have found each of them to be an asset to my current trading methodology. I have found that each of the courses is well laid out and easy to follow. Most importantly, each course has taught me valuable techniques that I have been able to incorporate into my daily trading plan with a profitable outcome. I would recommend these CD-ROM trading modules to anyone who is interested in learning techniques that actually work in today's challenging markets..."
Mike Arnold

"...Yes, I learned a huge amount which I anticipate will help make me an even more profitable professional trader. This was not basic stuff I knew, this was quality actionable material..."
"...My successful trading results since taking your course have revitalized my belief in my ability to succeed at a new profession after a 30-year career as a cardiac surgeon was interrupted by health issues. Your course has been a real bargain for me..."
Louie C. Wilson, MD

"...The best thing about Dave Landry on Swing Trading is that it is so easy to read and understand. Examples are numerous and the theme of money management - with concrete examples - is repeated throughout the entire book..."
Active Trader Magazine,
February 2002

...Over the past couple of years I have learned far more from Kevin Haggerty than I have from anyone else whose information and teachings I have sought, purchased or followed regarding trading the markets. Thanks!"
...Kevin Haggerty's First Hour Trading Reversal CD-ROM gave me a clear cut plan of attack that helped me go from getting slaughtered in the first hour of trading to making profits with strict trading discipline. The patterns he teaches are easy to identify and the system, if followed correctly, is very mechanical and takes the emotion out of trading the first hour. The simulations - and there are quite a few - are extremely helpful and enabled me to sharpen my trading skills to become more patient when it comes to getting in and getting out. It is an excellent course for all traders from beginners to advanced. I have seen courses selling for over $2000 on how to trade the first hour and cannot imagine that they can be any more complete than Mr. Haggerty's course. If trading the first hour is what you want to do or if you want a clear understanding of how the first hour works, this is the only course you will ever need..."
Ken Adelglass

"...I had always have a problem entering the market at the beginning of a move. Indeed it was normal for me to pull the trigger too late, leaving a big portion of the money on the table. Kevin Haggerty's reversal strategies have shown to me how to enter a new trend as early as possible - in all time frames..."
Faik Giese

"...Dave Landry has written the best book on swing trading out there. I have read hundreds of books on trading and what makes this book standout from the rest is the clarity and simplicity in which Landry spells out his methods..."
David Steele

"...I just had to e-mail you and comment on what a great book you've written. I am predominantly an Intermediate term trader. But by incorporating some of your swing trade techniques, I have been able to get in earlier with better risk/reward. This after reading your book only once ! I am re-reading it again and look forward to learning more..."
Sebastian Messina