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Introducing Kevin Haggerty's Professional Trading Service

Kevin Is a Full-Time Trader Who Was Head Of Trading for Fidelity Capital Markets for Seven Years.

Would you like to receive alerts every day from Kevin Haggerty of the stocks, index proxies, ETFs and HOLDRs he expects will be the high-probability movers of the day? And would you like to be updated on setups from the most explosive and high-probability reversal strategy that Kevin has used during his past 30+ years as a trader? Now you can!

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Dear Trader:

I have been a contributor to TradingMarkets since its inception in 1999 and have refrained from doing a service until I was able to present it in an all-inclusive top down format of Market, Sector, Group and Stock. That time is now.

It is important that I could send comprehensive alerts and analysis from my trading desk directly to you the trader. This fast and easy-to-use approach would ensure that you receive my alerts in a timely manner and have the ability to enter trades on merit, not emotion.

The other important link to provide a high-powered service was to include some important trading research data screens that are so necessary to select the best trading opportunities and save you countless hours of your own time preparing your daily trading plan.

I am pleased to announce, in conjunction with TradingMarkets, that I have now launched The Kevin Haggerty Professional Trading Service.

Every day, I will provide you with unique trading information and guidance that, I believe, no system or single strategy can provide to you. Why am I so confident of this? Because my service is the amalgamation of  all my strategies, patterns and all of my 30+ years of experience as a trader. This is something which, I believe, no other trading service or off the shelf trading system can replicate.

Here Is What You Will Receive In The Service
To Become A More Successful Trader

You will have access to my private website which will be updated each evening or else with sufficient time before the 9:30 AM ET opening. Once there, you will see the exact same trading research and analysis that I use to determine my daily decision making in the market.

All of my commentaries and charts will be put together in a cohesive format so that you can focus on integrating my ideas into your trading plan for both short- and long-term opportunities.

Here's the bottom line: I spend countless hours during the day, evenings and weekends analyzing the markets. But you will not have to do this. Why? Because I will put it all together in an easy-to-understand format so that you can focus on executing the plan.

There are seven major components to the service. They are:

  1. New Comprehensive Daily Market Analysis. Every day, I will highlight current market action that is specific to important trading opportunities.
  2. Sector and Industry Groups. I will identify the best sectors and groups for traders to focus on.
  3. Daily Stock Selections. Here is your daily focus list of stocks where I see the highest probability trading setups for both daytraders and position traders.
  4. Volatility Band Service. Now daytraders can pinpoint high probability intraday reversal points for all optionable stocks in the S&P 500, NDX 100 and in the DOW-30 in addition to index proxies, selected ETFs and HOLDRs.
  5. Research Trading Screens. Use the same tools that I use every day to identify specific trading opportunities.
  6. RST Reversal Strategy Alerts. Receive key daily chart RST alerts for the major indices, ETFs, HOLDRs and some selected big cap stocks. This strategy is the most explosive and highest probability reversal strategy I have used during my past 30+ years as a trader.

Now let's take a more in-depth look at each of the components:

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Are you ever frustrated because you miss major moves in the markets? If so, I have the solution for you. Subscribe to my Professional Trading Service. Follow my lead and I will show you how to think and take action like the professional traders who are able to continually shift their focus in order to stay with these movers.

Through the Kevin Haggery Professional Trading Service I will provide you with the following on a daily basis:

  • Expanded Daily Commentary And Analysis. You'll receive comprehensive insights not available to the general public. These will lead to you where the best trading opportunities are.
  • Daily Focus List. This my list of what I believe are the best potential long and short trading candidates for daytraders, swing traders, and long-term traders.
  • Timely Intraday Alerts. To ensure that you stay on track, I'll update, as needed, as trading situations change.
  • My Proprietary Research Trading Screens. You'll be able to work from the very same screens that I use in order to formulate my daily plan of attack.
  • Streaming audio and video. I'll deepen your understanding of the markets through real time audio and video alerts and education.
    ....and much, much more!

I look forward to us working together daily.


Kevin Haggerty



1. New Comprehensive Daily Market Analysis
Pinpoint and anticipate key market turning points

Timing is everything and it starts with the primary trends, major indices, sectors which determine a trader's daily bias. These trends are slower to change and you will be given a timely update of these primary trends. Then each day, I will give you an update and analysis of the current market action as it pertains to these trends, and the current shorter-term trend bias with a suggested course of action.

  1. Current technical condition of the market. Every day you will receive my assessment of the current market internals based on my simple but highly effective indicators and how it relates to your trade selection and bias each day.
  2. Summary and anticipation of key market levels in Price, Time and Extended Momentum. It is my experience that markets move in a natural, geometric rhythm and progression which can be quantified and anticipated in advance. There are no calculations needed for these levels as you will be given the numbers on a daily basis. No, you obviously cannot predict market or stock turning points, but you can with a high degree of probability identify these key potential reversal zones and that is a tremendous edge for traders and investors alike.
  3. Momentum Composite Grid. When turning points are in play, we can identify the best trading opportunities by referring to my Momentum Composite Grid for major indices, primary industry indices, selected ETFs, and HOLDRs.
  4. Intermarket relationships. The stock market has correlations and inverse correlations to other markets such as Bonds, $US Dollar, Crude Oil, Gold, and Copper, just to name the primary ones. These relationships have a significant effect on how we emphasize and trade the various sectors and groups. I will update you when these opportunities develop.
  5. Putting it all together. Based on all of the above, I will formulate the highest probability course of action and where to focus your trading emphasis each day.
2. Sector And Industry Group Movers
Stay focused on where the action is

In this section, I will update you on  which sectors and industry groups are aggressively moving (or about to start moving) and this is where you'll find the best trading opportunities.

My analysis will keep you focused in the sectors and groups that have a stronger relative price performance to the S&P 500 or weaker when concentrating on the short side. That will produce the risk/reward opportunities.

Based on my proprietary method of relative performance used with Price, Time and Extended Momentum Analysis, I know you will obtain a much higher level in your trading.

3. Stock Selection
See the trading setups at a glance

Do you want to see my hit list every morning? I will provide you with a daily list of stocks based on my powerful Stock Selection method. These stocks are the ones that my analysis says have the highest probability trading setup each day for both daytraders and position traders.

I start with my Stock Selection Method which keeps in sync with the strongest trending stocks in the momentum phase up or down.

Then, through a simple table summary, this active focus list will highlight the best daily chart setups that I see. These setups will be divided as follow:

  1. Above-The-Line (ATL). These are your long candidates that are poised to trigger to the upside.
  2. Below-The-Line (BTL). For the short side, these are the candidates that may trigger to the downside.

I will also highlight special situations like my Generals Pullback Strategy to a rising / declining 200-day EMA in conjunction with the tools I use to identify key Price, Time and extended momentum zones.

All of the above trading candidates can be traded using my core strategies which I mention in my daily commentaries as needed:

  • RSTs (The RST is my most powerful reversal strategy that can be used in all time frames)
  • 1-2-3s
  • Trap Doors
  • Opening Reversals
  • Flip Tops
  • Gap Pullbacks
  • Slim Jims
  • ...and more.

Intraday Slim Jim Trading Strategy...
...One of the many strategies that you will be able to apply.

I will highlight all of the core strategies in a Trading Tips and Strategy section over the course of the year.

4. Research Trading Screens
Understand the daily price and volume action

Not only will I provide you with my stock alerts based on my own stock selection research, but I'll give you the tools to conduct your own research if you wish. With these tools, you'll be able to find trades on your own as well as as learn the nuances that enable me to trade the right stocks at the right time.

You will have access to my research trading screens which allow you to effectively monitor the daily trends, price/volume action and select high-probability trading setups. There are primary screens for the S&P 500, NDX 100, Dow and selective active ETFs. There are also two specific reversal screens, the 3-Day Wake Up Call and the Change-in-Direction. You can sort these primary screens for the valuable Above-the-Line and Below-the-Line list of stocks that are the strength of my stock selection method.

These are the very same screens and filters that I use to formulate my daily plan of attack. Not only does this give you a better insight into the rationale behind my plan of attack, it also gives you the opportunity to conduct your own research as you become a more advanced trader.

5. Volatility Band Service
High-probability intraday reversals for daytraders and swing traders

Would you like to pinpoint the levels where individual stocks, index proxies, selective ETFs, HOLDRs have a very high percentage probability of reversing?

This, by itself, is a stand-alone service for daytraders, but my Volatility Bands are such a powerful tool that I insisted that they be included in this service.

Volatility Bands, when used in conjunction with the primary tools to determine Price, Time and Extended Momentum in addition to the Core Day Trading Strategies, give you an edge you won't find anywhere else. They are also very effective for swing traders who want to fine tune their entries on an intraday basis.

The Volatility Band Screens include all of the optionable stocks in the S&P 500, NDX 100, Dow, in addition to certain ETFs and HOLDRs.

You will monitor the Volatility Band Screens all day as you follow price action. This will enable you to react instantly to take advantage of a high probability trade opportunity at a predefined level.

6. RST Reversal Strategy Alerts
Receive updates on my favorite strategy for all time frames

RSTs are my most explosive and highest probability reversal strategy for all time frames. Whether you are a daytrader, swing trader or long-term trader, this strategy allows you to anticipate and trade moves in your favorite time frame.


I have spoken with many traders who tell me that RSTs are their most profitable strategy and provide the best win-loss% ratio. While I can't guarantee that you'll experience the same results, I have no hesitation in saying that this is the best strategy for all time frames that I have used during my past 30+ years a trader.

And each day, I will alert you to daily chart RST Patterns as they develop in the Market Indices, ETFs, HOLDRs and key component stocks of various sector indexes.

Kevin Haggerty

Kevin Haggerty is a full-time professional trader and institutional trading consultant who ran Fidelity Capital Markets' Trading Desk for seven years.

In his 30 years of institutional trading, including running Fidelity Capital Markets, Kevin has been personally involved in all aspects of the institutional equity trading business including convertibles and options. During the course of his career Kevin served as a member of the managing director's committee of the CBOE; as a member of the NYSE Stock Allocation Committee; as a member of the board of governors of the Chicago Stock Exchange; as a member of U.T.A.C., the NYSE upstairs trading advisory committee; as a member of the S.I.A. Committee to advise the Securities and Exchange Commission on various aspects of the securities industry; and as a member of N.O.I.P., the National Organization of Investment Professionals.

How Will Kevin Impact Your Trading?

Here's What Other Traders Have To Say...

All endorsements on file.
"I had been greatly anticipating Kevin's seminar and he certainly exceeded my expectations. I've benefited very much from Kevin's material and "Trading with the Generals 2004" was a rare opportunity to go above and beyond what Kevin has done before Kevin shows us how to lower our risks and take the highest probability trades. If this wasn't enough, Kevin teaches us new methods he hasn't shown before and how to take this to another level. This is material that traders definitely shouldn't miss." -- David G.
"...Kevin's 1,2,3 pattern training module is a "must have" for traders of ANY market. This pattern shows up frequently on the 5 minute E-mini charts and I find it a very high probability trade. Kevin shows the best ways to use it and how to manage the trades too. It also shows up frequently on daily and weekly stock charts..." Richard Liard
"...I have purchased two Kevin Haggerty CD-ROM trading modules. Both offer excellent advice and crisp examples. Kevin's underlying theme in presenting these strategies demonstrates his fundamental understanding of the inner-workings of the stock market. In particular, Kevin's extensive trading background reflects the effect of institutional activity on equity prices in a common sense and down-to-earth approach..." Dick Simon
"...I learned more in two days than I have in the past two years, or three, or four, you name it. Kevin Haggerty absolutely mesmerized a sophisticated, knowledgeable audience of demanding, largely high-net-worth individuals and left us all begging for more. It was amazing. Haggerty received a standing ovation, long and heartfelt. Magnificent. Truly..."
"...Kevin's 1,2,3 Module been paying for itself at least twice each week during the past 3 months. Way to go, Haggo..." R.R. Kenner
"...Over the past couple of years I have learned far more from Kevin than I have from anyone else whose information and teachings I have sought, purchased or followed regarding trading the markets. Thanks!"
"...As a longer-term position trader, I knew practically nothing about short-term trading. I now have an 'arsenal' of trading strategies I can use in any time frame to make money. This is sophisticated stuff made simple..." Randy Rothschild
"...I recently purchased the Haggerty First-Hour Reversals course and have found it to be the only strategy suitable to my own style. I very seldom ever trade in the afternoon anymore. The volatility needed for a daytrader to profit exists nearly everyday utilizing these methods. Mr. Haggerty goes bar by bar to allow ANYONE to gain the confidence to trade around the most volatile ( and most profitable) part of the trading day. But one had better use these strategies if attempting to trade this time of the day!" Eric Longberry
"...If I were left with only one pattern to trade it would be Kevin Haggerty's 1,2,3. I've memorized it, internalized it, trade it religiously and study it daily. No serious student of the markets can be without this one reversal pattern...and I can back it up with my personal trading record!!" James M. Edward
"...Yes, I learned a huge amount which I anticipate will help make me an even more profitable professional trader. This was not basic stuff I knew, this was quality actionable material..."
"...I could not believe how packed with information Kevin Haggerty's weekend course was. Kevin is a real dynamo. The man eats, breathes and lives the market. He is a veritable wealth of information. Many, many thanks!"
"...Kevin, I just wanted to say a big thanks. I read your commentary every day. Also, I have been through your video course, as well as the educational lessons that you have put out on the site at TM. I began looking at different strategies about a year ago. However, whenever I read anything that you put out, it is as if a light bulb goes off in my head. It really makes sense. Your strategies stand out among the many that I have looked at over the past year. Again, thanks for helping me develop my skills and understanding as a daytrader..." Kent Riley
"...My expectations were exceeded within the first hour of the course. Great, great course!!! Thank you! Kevin's 1,2,3 module is equally effective for the day trader, swing trader or investor, i.e., you can pick your time frame. It allows you to position yourself shortly after a market turns (and before it becomes obvious) with a very defined risk. Money management rules are clearly defined, yet flexible. If there is a Holy Grail for picking bottoms/tops, this is it..." Dr. Bruce W. Roman
"...Kevin Haggerty's training module on 1,2,3s paid for itself one day after I worked through the material - what more could a student of trading ask? His crystal clear description of this particular price pattern is teamed with coached practice on a generous set of trading simulations. It's an unbeatable combination which makes it immediately possible to identify 1,2,3s in any time frame and capitalize on the price movement that they predict - a useful skill to have up one's sleeve especially later in the trading day when other moves are often difficult to forecast..." Susan Harvey
"...Kevin is phenomenal! I can't imagine a higher quality course instructor..."
"...I have all three of Kevin Haggerty's CD-ROM trading modules and have found each of them to be an asset to my current trading methodology. I have found that each of the courses is well laid out and easy to follow. Most importantly, each course has taught me valuable techniques that I have been able to incorporate into my daily trading plan with a profitable outcome. I would recommend these CD-ROM trading modules to anyone who is interested in learning techniques that actually work in today's challenging markets..." Mike Arnold
"...I expected K. Haggerty to be K. Haggerty; he was Super Haggerty: sharp, funny, insightful and a great teacher..."
"...Kevin Haggerty's First Hour Trading Reversal CD-ROM gave me a clear cut plan of attack that helped me go from getting slaughtered in the first hour of trading to making profits with strict trading discipline. The patterns he teaches are easy to identify and the system, if followed correctly, is very mechanical and takes the emotion out of trading the first hour. The simulations - and there are quite a few - are extremely helpful and enabled me to sharpen my trading skills to become more patient when it comes to getting in and getting out. It is an excellent course for all traders from beginners to advanced. I have seen courses selling for over $2000 on how to trade the first hour and cannot imagine that they can be any more complete than Mr. Haggerty's course. If trading the first hour is what you want to do or if you want a clear understanding of how the first hour works, this is the only course you will ever need..." Ken Adelglass
"Kevin's arrows pierce the heart of trading mentality and methodology."
"...I highly recommend the Haggerty 1,2,3 CD-ROM course. It maps out a detailed trading set up and strategy in a very straightforward manner. It has vastly improved my patience while anticipating a trade as well as being disciplined as the set up and trade play out. The 1,2,3 occurs frequently and Kevin's CD-Rom helps me recognize them and trade them with a clear cut set of rules..." Ken Levey
"...The first hour of trading is the most profitable time of trading. It is volatile and the volatility provides the opportunities. The First Hour Reversal Trading of Kevin is the must-learn material for day traders. As the result of using his techniques for trading the First Hour Reversals, I am now able to see the opportunities more clearly. I take the trades that coincides with his recommendations more aggressively. I highly recommend this material to all day traders. Good trading..." Dr. Tony Kiani
"...I had always have a problem entering the market at the beginning of a move. Indeed it was normal for me to pull the trigger too late, leaving a big portion of the money on the table. Kevin's reversal strategies have shown to me how to enter a new trend as early as possible - in all time frames..." Faik Giese